#pitchperfect! Is a UK National Competition Powered by Halal Expo London to uncover Budding Start-Up Entrepreneurs and Halal focused SMEs.

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Halal Exhibitions is proud to organise the UK’s Very First International Halal B2B & Consumer Trade Show. This event is expected to host more than 500+ Exhibitors & 50+ Speakers. Leading with a profile which today encompasses a much broader area of Halal products and services, extending out to personal healthcare, cosmetics, travel & tourism and financial services, that are all new rising growth sectors in the Halal Economy globally.

The Halal Expo London Event, alongside the Halal Economy Conference, will not only Spotlight B2B Products and Services but also ‘Value Chains’. The events will Provide the Invaluable Opportunity to highlight new entrepreneurial endeavours, Business Growth areas, plus facilitate a Platform where participants can discover new Investment and Trade opportunities within the Halal Economy, including the latest facts and figures for the Islamic Economy globally and focusing on the UK specifically..

Alongside the Halal Expo London, we will also be hosting:

Halal Economy Conference (HEC)
The Big Debate – How Halal Are You?

Meet With:

Manufacturers, Distributors, Buyers, Wholesalers & Retailers
Policy Makers
Government Representatives
Thought Leaders


Preparing for the Next Decade


As the world continues to experience economic uncertainties, the Halal Economy is emerging as a stable economic growth driver, with new markets for trade opening up.


The rise of the Halal Economy began with the new millenium, and multinational companies (MNCs) and small to medium entreprises (SMEs) in the food sector in many countries looking at ways to diversify their economies through Halal food. Following on, many countries also saw the advantage of introducing muslim friendly tourism to boost their economies, which involved adapting their hospitality sector to cater to it and this is still carrying on today with countries like Japan for the Summer Olympics 2020.


Then, young inspired millenial entrepreneurs entered the halal economy with innovative new business ideas to take it forward in a new way.


These new entrepreneurs, who introduced diversity and a growing demand for ethical commerce, combined to deliver unprecedented growth in the Halal industry by expanding it, at nearly double the global rate, out from just food and travel, to fashion, personal care, supplements, pharmaceuticals and all the accompanying industries that service their needs, such as halal ingredients, packaging and ethical finance.


Now, at the next stage of growth, some of these entrepreneurs are incorporating 4IR technology, through their new technical expertise in IoT, Blockchain and AI. This will eventually be the only way forward for some businesses to succeed with many changes being made in how things will be done through the next decade for reasons like food provenance, fraud, ethical awareness and the changing demands of all consumers today.


The demand for halal and ethical products and services is being driven by a global muslim population which has grown significantly to one quarter of the world’s population, but which is also being used by main mainstream consumers who appreciate the value add they offer as well. With this in mind, Muslim consumer spending is projected to reach USD 4 trillion at the beginning of the next decade, and it is increasing annually.


This rapid growth of the Halal Economy has been recognised for the economic contribution it can make, including the ethical and social development goals (SDGs) it can help to achieve. Even in the non-muslim majority countries globally that now have muslim populations in the millions.


The Halal Economy Conference UK, in partnership with the Halal Expo London, will be presenting Halal market insights into the next decade for the food industry, consumer trends, Halal travel frontiers, latest 4IR technology being adopted, Post Brexit trade and ethical finance. Innovation and opportunities for businesses across the Halal Economy sectors will be discussed. Our goal is to inspire and educate companies, investors, in fact, any business or government office that is looking at this new growth area, including new businesses that are being incubated, to drive the next phase of the global Halal Economy’s growth into the United Kingdom.

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Halal Expo London provides a Unique Platform for Brands to share their story and gain Access to New Markets. As the UK’s Very First Halal B2B Trade Show, being Associated with Halal Expo London 2019 will Propel your Profile to a Global Level and gain you Recognition and Acceptance from the Major Stakeholders within the Global Halal Market.

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Britain has had a Long History with the Muslim World and Brexit Offers Opportunities to Forge New Bonds between Nations as Equal.

Entrepreneurship is flourishing amongst Muslim Communities across the UK. London has also become a Major Financial Capital of the Muslim World. British Muslim Connections to the Muslim World can be a Bridge for Trade, Understanding and Peace.

Over 15,000 Professionals from around 50 Countries covering a Wide Variety of Industries and Markets are Expected to attend to do Business and Network with more than 500 Exhibitors, offering the Latest Products and Services for the Halal Market.

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