Halal Expo London

Event Date:    2nd – 3rd December


Conference schedule will be available soon.

As the world continues to experience economic uncertainties, the Halal Economy is emerging as a stable driver of economic growth, opening up new markets for trade.

The Halal Economy Conference UK, in partnership with the Halal Expo London, will present insights into likely market changes over the course of the next decade. It will consider consumer trends, the impacts of new 4IR technologies, Post-Brexit trade conditions and their various impacts upon sectors such as food, travel and ethical finance.

The Conference will consider innovation and opportunities for businesses across the Halal Economy

Our goal is to inspire and educate companies, investors, in fact, any business or government office that is looking at this new growth area.
This includes new businesses that are being incubated, to drive the next phase of the global Halal Economy’s growth into the United Kingdom.
The Rise of the Halal Economy
At the start of the new millennium, multinational companies (MNCs) and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in many countries started to look at ways to use Halal food to diversify and grow their businesses.

Millennial Entrepreneurs in the Halal Economy

A new generation of entrepreneurs has actively promoted diversity and driven growing demand for ethical commerce. This has produced unprecedented growth in the Halal industry – expanding it at nearly double the global rate. This success has been felt not just in the food and travel supply chains but in industries including fashion, personal care, supplements, pharmaceuticals, packaging and ethical finance
The Next Stage of Growth
Entrepreneurs are now incorporating 4IR technology through their new technical expertise in IoT, Blockchain and AI. For some businesses, this may eventually be their best or only way of responding to the challenges of the next decade – in areas such as food provenance, fraud, ethical awareness and the changing demands of modern consumers
The Demand for Halal / Ethical Products and Service

Demand for halal and ethical products has been driven, in part, by a global Muslim population which has grown significantly to make up one quarter of the world’s population. Muslim consumer spending is projected to reach USD 4 trillion by the beginning of the next decade, and it is increasing annually.

The rapid growth of the Halal Economy represents an immense economic opportunity, and it has the potential to realise some vitally important ethical and social development goals (SDGs)